World of Jake Deluxe was a remake of World of Jake game on the PS1. This was the first WOJ game to be delveloped by THQ. It was released in the US and EU in June 14, 2006, and JP and AU on October 9, 2006.

Differences between this game and the PS1 game

  • There are more stuff in the house
  • You can hear the These lumps song upstairs in the attic on the record player
  • You can now play as Lollipop Girl - Her Special Attack is Lump Rolling
  • There are some unlockable 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, and 128-bit minigames
  • Level Editor
  • Connect online to players with Xbox Live and share your levels (Xbox version only)
  • Connect online to players with Broadband and share your levels (GameCube version only)
  • Online Multiplayer


It received mixed reviews due to the new stuff. They like it because it was 128-bit and not 32-bit like the PS1. IGN gave the game an 8.5/10. Gamespot gave the game a 9.5/10


World of Jake Deluxe

US Gamecube Boxart

World of Jake Deluxe Xbox

US Xbox Boxart