World of Jake
World of Jake, currently airing on The Greeny Channel




Animated series

Created by

Jake Sharratt

Country of Origin




No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes


Running time

3-40 minutes

Original channel

ABC Kids (2005-2011)
The Greeny Channel (2008-present)

Production company

Pixar Animation Studios
Film Roman
Gracie Films
Touchstone Television (2005-2007)
Disney Television Animation
Williams Street (2005-2007)
Jakelsm Home Entertainment

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World of Jake is an American animated television series created by Jake Sharratt.

The show aired on ABC Kids in 2005.


In every episode, it is like Greeny Phatom, set in 123 World of Jake. Jakelsm is the king.

Early Years (2000-2003)Edit

Jake Sharratt had ideas in 2000 that he came up with two characters, Jake Mario, and Womb. They did not exactly look like Jakelsm or Wombidy. They wore yellow instead of red and blue, and Womb had no mustache. But, when the mid-2000's came, Womb changed his name to Wombidy, and Jake Mario to Jakelsm.

Planning and Recording (2003-2004)Edit

Now the creators have come up with a name of the show. World of Jake. "It was a wierd name," said Jake, also director of the series. A conception for the pilot had came.The first lines were, "Fabritsio is being a mean enemy, Master Shake." The pilot was finally filmed in 2004.


Main article: Episodes


Jakelsm and the Big, BIG Movie is out now from Touchstone and Universal outside of the US.

On December 13, 2013, New York Times reported that Geo Animation Studios is developing a new, 3D computer-animated film about World of Jake.

Video gameEdit

Main article: World of Jake - The Video Game

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