==Welcome to 123 World of Jake!==

Welcome to 123 World of Jake! A show that anyone can edit!!!

Where it all beganEdit

It was created in 2005 by Jake Sharratt. It was Jake's first shows. Then Jake made more shows. Like Mellow City, Tad's World, Girl's World, etc. It was one of the brightest times ever!


You can also place anything about dumb trolls in here if you like, like Memy9909, Carsonsfanclub, mariotehplumber and others! Enjoy amigos!

No swearing! Censor the swear words! Any pages with uncensored swear words will get deleted. (Then delete Memy9909 description because it says b*tch, right? ~lu9)

Information about other shows will be mentioned here aswell (coming soon).

Otis' World is not rated TV-Y7-FV. It's rated TV-MA.

If we find out you violate the rules, Jakelsm will block your IP address and you from this wiki.

RThat is all ~ Jake Sharratt

NOTE: Geo Animation Studios is NOT dead.

Latest activityEdit

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