These Lumps is a very hot musical number because Lollipop Girl was in it. First LSP thought of it but then you guessed it! Lollipop Hottie and her little candied friends go on stage singing the same song, except it is 20 times better than Lumpy Space Princess/Prince. LG's song got numerous awards for being the No 1 most hottest song in the Land of Ooo and the USA, knocking down Linkin Park when they released the single Burn it Down 7 days later. It also got marked as Lollipop Girl's first words. After that it became a viral video and it became a new internet meme that spread so rapidly, Some Random Guy ran out a window like Roger Rabbit. That internet meme is called Lump Roll'd. It is based of another viral video, Rick Roll'd. You still need to pass on the video below!

For the lyrics go to here!

LSP at the Talent show These Lumps02:19

LSP at the Talent show These Lumps

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