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Otis' World is a 2012 American adult animated TV show that is directed by Speakonia Eddie. It is the spin-off to World of Jake. It first premiered on November 10, 2012.

Otis's World

Number of seasons






No. of episodes



November 10, 2012

Written by

Sasha Toro

Directed by

Speakonia Eddie

Running time

24 minutes


Season 1 (2012-2013)Edit

  1. Digging for Worms
  2. Which-Way Paramount's 26th Birthday
  3. Tree Day
  4. Elmo's Huge Surprise
  5. The Cure of Alfrendo
  6. Scary Surprises
  7. Gotta Go
  8. Kiss Me NOW!!!


The Otis's World Movie wasn't an ABC Family original movie, it was in movie theatres.

Season 2 (2013-2014)Edit

  1. Wanna Play with Me?
  2. Camping Friends
  3. Shut Up, Which-Way Paramount!
  4. The Cure of Alfrendo 2: The Killing Machine
  5. Babysitting Trouble
  6. Washing My Otis
  7. Hammy!
  8. Shockwaves in a Net

Season 3 (2014-2015)Edit

  1. The Cure of Alfrendo 3: Alfrendo Gets Stuck on an Island
  2. What's So Funny?
  3. Take One
  4. Otis's Coke Collar
  5. Otis VS Gree Guy
  6. Which-Way Paramount VS 4 Ballerinas
  7. An Otis in Time
  8. A Baby Is Born

Season 4 (2015-2016)Edit

  1. Coke Collar 2
  2. Joe
  3. Reading Funny Signs
  4. The Great Cock
  5. Otis meets Oswald and Weegee
  6. Oswald's Stupid Jokes
  7. Faster, Weegee!
  8. Camp Oswald


  1. Jakelsm meets Pair of Kings
  2. The Otis's World Movie 2: Super Spies

Season 5 (2016-2017)Edit

  1. Take Two
  2. Playing with Adult Swim Characters
  3. R.I.P Oswald's Piano
  4. Rick's Blue-Tounged Skink
  5. Oswald's Journal
  6. Coke Collar 3
  7. Watching Paramount Tapes
  8. Otis's Trip

Season 6 (2017-2018)Edit

  1. Play With Me
  2. Geo Circus
  3. Coke Collar 4
  4. Finding Cheese
  5. Dinner!
  6. Bats
  7. Bagels are Fun
  8. Potty Training

Season 7Edit

  1. The Cure of Alfrendo 4: The Last fight of Alfrendo
  2. Otis vs. Dash and Dot
  3. Coke Collar 5
  4. Otis meets Pip
  5. Pip's Job
  6. Oswald's Scorpion
  7. Otis, Pip, Which-Way Paramount, Ricky, Oswald, and Weegee in Outer Space
  8. Stuck Together, Torn Apart

Season 8Edit

  1. Otis's Birthday
  2. Weegee Creates Art
  3. Which-Way Paramount's Day Off
  4. Coke Collar 6
  5. Otis Reads Road Signs
  6. Ricky in Love
  7. Oswald Reads Cuss Words
  8. Otis Kills Ricky

Season 9Edit

  1. Nude Which-Way Paramount
  2. Coke Collar 7
  3. Oswald and the Big Faggot

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