Lollipop Girl

Adventure Time debut (credit goes to You guessed it, not you jake you fucking cunt)

Lollipop Girl appeared in 2 shows, Adventure Time (which is FUCKING GARBAGE) Jojo's bizzare adventure (Best anime fuk u). She debuted in World of Jake's Christmas episode (the best episode of the worst hentai series). She was then mentioned in the next episode FUCKING TIT DIRT (jake she isn't even a good waifu like wtf Decal is way better vro). In the next episode the bitch ass creator still slurps over her (like the virgin he is). In the AT 2012 Episode Five Short Graybles she talked (okay this is epic). Then she kicked jake in the mf balls.

Fact: She is Chrom's little sister from faaf embull: fappening

Jake's song to lolipop bitch

Jake's song to lolipop bitch