Lollipop Girl

Adventure Time debut (credit goes to You guessed it, Adventure Time Wikia). Because it's the 1st episode of Adventure Time in 2010, Lollipop Girl's skirt is wrongly colored

Lollipop Girl appeared in 2 shows, Adventure Time (which is good) and World of Jake (first!). She debuted in World of Jake's Christmas episode (Like Billy Trainers, she was not mentioned). She was then mentioned in the next episode Vase Breaker but she had wrong vocial cords (Microsoft Mary because the creator didn't know about VoiceForge). In the next episode the creator got it right in the early Birthday episode (VoiceForge ShyGirl because that sounds cute). In the AT 2012 Episode Five Short Graybles she talked (first!). More of sing. She and some other candy people ripped off (in a good way) These lumps . It is a new internet meme. Watch this 'internet meme' here
LSP at the Talent show These Lumps02:19

LSP at the Talent show These Lumps

You've been lump roll'd!

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