Jakelsm is the leader of the BUNCH YOU KNOW HIM WELL HE'S FINALLY BACK TO KICK SOME TAIL (Jakelsm, Wombidy and Fabritsio ) and he is 69 years old. Jakelsm is a bootleg Mario. He was born in 1983. He is Wombidy's brother and Fabritsio's cousin. Like Fabritsio, Jakelsm likes to think of shitty schemes. He also lives in Hell, Michigan. He likes pizza time like tobey maguire.
World of Jake Season 1 DVD Cover

fucking piece of shit


Full Name

Jake Liam Sharratt Martinez (or Jakelsm)




Hell, Michigan


April 20th, 1969


Sans (Dad), Nagito Komaeda (Mom), Mario (Uncle),

Favorite Shows and Movies

The Emoji Movie, Naruto, Song of the sea porn, Boku no pico, fire emblem heroes the anime, Buttfuck sluts, anything on pornhub, and The sonic the hedgehog movie

Favorite songs

Virgin with rage, Ram Ranch, Mia Khalifa, No Mercy, Kanye west like fingers in his ass, the mighty rap from Mighty no. 9, and Megalovania


fucking gay as fuck boye lmao

Voiced by

Ryan Reynolds

==Jakelsm's Autobiography==
Jakelsm's Baby Love

When Jakelsm fell in love with a underaged girl

"I was born somewhere in fingers, I think in kanye west's ass, I had a good life in kanye's ass. When I was 0, Wombidy was sans undertale. When I was 2 Fabritsio was Nagito Komaeda. When I was 7 years old, I went on a shitty vacation to hell. In 20XX I got a fortinte burger with a infinity gauntlet. It played games like Bad rats

Jakelsm's Gamecube


When I was 18 years old I went along and met the 90's gang. I also met Lollipop Girl (who is 14 years old) and other girls(who were also 14). I fell in love, but I fell in love as a baby too, like ur mum lol. With a teacher (which makes the teacher a pedo). OK back to the subject. When I was 20, I lived with my brother, cousin, dragon/dinosaur who commited tax fraud, Horrible creature, Best girl and Worst girl in a big ass fucking house in 21 jump street. I had a virgin life!"

When Jakelsm fought SasukeEdit

He lost lol.


  • Jakelsm doesn't know whether Joshi is innocent or not.
  • He's not a US citzen. He's from kanye's ass
  • He can also speak weaboo
  • He loved little girls since he was a fetus
  • Jakelsm is a pedo!
  • is YandereDev's brother
  • Appeared in Greeny Phatom The Movie 3's Anti-Memes Army.
  • is actually Jake Paul
  • He has a tap dancing fetish
  • S A N S