Jake Liam Sharratt Martinez (otherwise known as Jakelsm, RockhopperIsDaMan, yadda yadda no one gives a fuck and worldofjake2012 (born June 14, 2000) is the founder and CEO of Jakelsm Home Entertainment, Movie Agent and Geo Animation Studios.

Sharratt is the creator of the television series, World of Jake (2005–present). he is also a pedo tap fetishist.

He is one of those guys that likes alot of characters and little girls. He is the leader of the bunch you know him well he's finally back to kick some tail. He likes Bokkun and Orbulon and some other characters no one gives a shit about.he saw and made shitty animation. He is a bestseller TV programmist who likes fingers in his ass.


Jake Sharratt

His favorite dinner is Sausages and Chips. And sometimes pizza and McDonald's Apple Pie! He is 18 now. He has so much accounts. He has an account for YouTube, Scratch, Facebook, Roblox, Club Penguin (aka dead lol), DeviantArt, and pornhub. He also made an internet meme, he made Lump Roll'd a success! Just like other people like Baxter, he also hates Memy9909. He also the editor of The Daily Blah. He also like Sanrio shows like Hello Kitty and My Melody. he also seems to be a big ass weaboo

He is also the mangaka of Greeny Phatom the manga series. and he made world of jake aka best anime in existence