Horse Vacation is a song from Stewart, the Lionish Horse 2: Stewart in Paris.


Todd: We're headin` down the highway to adventure! I hope our pet can keep this bus on track. Muriel: Well see flora and fauna, Will I meet the Llama? Stewart: I'd love a candy-coated grass snack! All horses: Horse vacation! Lucy: Ain't it great to relax and unwind? Wolfer (speaking): BACK TO WORK! All horses: Horse vacation! We're gonna have a harness changin' time! Todd: Maybe we can dig for buried treasure! Muriel: Or seek the inner horse inside of me! Stewart: Our suppers would be super! Lucy (speaking): I forgot the pooper scooper! Rudy: I really need to stop and use a tree. Stewart (speaking): Grrrrrrrrrrrr, not again! All horses: Dalmatian vacation! Lucy (speaking): You horses settle down! Wolfer (speaking): Let's make a pit stop at the pound! All horses: Horse vacation! We're gonna have a harness-changin` time! Ollie (speaking): WAIT FOR ME! All horses: Dalmatian vacation! Wolfer (speaking): Oh, pull over quick! Todd (speaking): I think Wolfer's getting sick! All horses: Horse vacation! We're gonna have a harness changin` ti-i-i-i-ime!

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