Decal (pronunced Dee-kal or Deh-kal) is a hot girl that works at Shock Gahn Attraction Park and hates it. She debuted in the Shin Chan Shock Gahn GBA game and short, World of Jake episode Jakelsm's Midnight Sleep (mentioned) and Decal vs. 3 Ballerinas Dancers (for reals). Her friends are


Keep it a secret will 'ya?

Like Lollipop Girl she appears in 2 things, Shin Chan Shock Gahn short, GBA game (Japan and Spain) and DS game (Japan Only for Now) and World of Jake. But unlike her she doesn't have anything viral. She got angry at Jakelsm because she hates her job and Jakelsm were fighting

She has a puppet. It talks without Decal even moving her mouth!

She even likes to object everyone

She got fallen in love by Shin Chan that one time


Can you do me a solidEdit

I'm gonna beat Decal! by worldofjake2012 (A.K.A02:53

I'm gonna beat Decal! by worldofjake2012 (A.K.A. Rockhopperisdaman)

This is from the GBA version

and watch this? You can't say no to a solid!

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