Bucky's Wish is a 1998 GAS film, released in November 24th, 1998 in theaters and March 3rd, 1999 on home video.


  • Tara Strong as Young Bucky
  • Tom Kenny as Adult Bucky
  • Speakonia Peter as Rex (Bucky's Father)
  • Speakonia Sarah as Millie (Bucky's Mother)
  • AT&T Mike as Lemmy the Fox

VHS OpeningEdit

  • Now Available on Videocassette
  • Greeny Phatom Season 1 Promo
  • Peanuts Promo
  • Coming to Theaters
  • Green Slugs in the Yellow Bag teaser
  • Paramount Feature Presentation Promo
  • Paramount Logo
  • GAS Logo

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