Billy Trainers

Billy Trainers (aka. The Coolest person in his Favorite Sports) is a cool person who loves snowboarding and extreme sport. He is friends with Jake Sharratt, Bokkun, Orbulon and even more! He has a wolf named Sniffy . He first appeared in The Daily Blah issue #3, but he wasn't mentioned. I wonder why?!

In the Daily BlahEdit

He usually appears in the Daily Blah in the Sports Page. In issue #3 he appeared, but the news didn't say his name for some reason. In issue #4, Billy Trainers was mentioned for the first time ever. And they mentioned him ever since. Now in Issue 6 and upwards they mention him on alot of pages with his best friend Jake Sharratt

Other appearencesEdit

He appeared as a cameo appearence in Finley Small Trys PlayStation IV. He also appeared in Jake's copy of Alive-Oh! 6. He was also with his pet wolf, Sniffy on a Highlights magazine at the end of Jakelsm in Paris.

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